Social media spurs organic sales growth

Brands leverage social platforms for brand expansion.
6 days ago

Social media spurs organic sales growth

Brands leverage social platforms for brand expansion.
6 days ago

New Balance trials resale platform in the US

Customers can trade New Balance shoes for vouchers and help recycle shoes.

Malaysia’s new e-invoicing a major shift in data flow

The Ministry of Finance has released additional tax proposals related to key areas such as e-invoicing.

Right technology for staff needed to drive sales revenue

Integration between online and offline experiences will only grow stronger in the coming years.

AI proves effective in tackling bribery payments

Harnessing AI can combat bribery following its global value increase to nearly USD 1.75 trillion in 2021.

GPT considered as helpful for consumers’ decision making

There is an increasing reliance on AI for consumer purchase decisions.

SMEs gain edge in tech-driven retail vs larger corps

Smaller businesses leverage technology for enhanced efficiency and customer experience.

Global brands to struggle with localised offerings

Blending technology with localised strategies will help global brands maintain relevance in the competitive retail market.

Smart apps to drive retail industry in coming years

Artificial intelligence is deemed useful in smart applications and mall management.

NFTs still promising for brands, despite rise and fall of hype: report

Major sectors, like sports and luxury, continue to develop NFT-backed applications.

Consumers seek human connections amidst growing AI adoption: report

Brands will seek out unique human elements as a contrast to faceless algorithms.

3 things retailers must check to deliver the promise of digital proximity

These three things can give the necessary push from intent to purchase.

EY’s Samir Bedi: AI and humans will coexist

The human race will evolve with the AI to deliver better services for customers.

Retailers in Southeast Asia urged to embrace digitalisation, sustainability

Euromonitor’s expert on Channels Practice to focus on experiential retail, digitalisation, and sustainability at Retail Asia Summit in November.

Wearable tech sector revenue to grow $290b by 2030: GlobalData

The industry is set to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.3%.

Cybersecurity revenues from consumer goods sector to reach $6.5b by 2025

This is due to the rise in digitalisation in their operations.

Jio Platforms invests $15m in AR company TWO

The companies will work collaboratively for fast adoption of new technologies.