adidas to release remaining YEEZY products 

The company ended its partnership with YEEZY after the hate speech of rapper Ye.

Fast Retailing backs new Pakistan Accord 

The Accord establishes a workplace safety programme in the textile and garment industry. 

Prada’s APAC market sees ‘strong’ rebound in Q1

Retail sales were up by 22% during the quarter. 

L'Oréal sees ‘strong double-digit’ growth in all zones except North Asia

This is due to a reduction of stock-in-trade in mainland China. 

Fashion firms in China spur growth with direct-to-consumer model

PwC reveals how the DTC model leverages digital technology to deliver more personalised products, services, and experiences to new-age consumers.

Creating smarter fashion with AI 

Fashion experts say designers can find a friend in AI, debunking fears it would replace humans.

Gen Zs are becoming China’s biggest spenders

21% of these consumers are ready to spend 16% of their income on luxury.

H&M outperforms over 40 fashion brands in emissions reductions

The company scored a B- in’s 2023 Fossil Free Fashion scorecard. 

Over two-thirds of largest fashion firms score low in sustainability

Only H&M scored high in the Fossil Free Fashion scorecard. 

How Japanese brands can capture young Chinese consumers

Brands may bank on Mangas and Animes, GlobalData said. 

Indonesian’s evolved self-care habits open opportunities for brands

Nearly 60% of Indonesians say looking good makes them feel confident. 

World of Flight opens first Jordan-only store in Japan

The Jordan World of Flight Shibuya is also the first in Asia. 

L’Oreal invests in biotech for sustainable beauty

This is to include more plant-based ingredients in their beauty products. 

How cosmetics brands in India could gain consumer loyalty?

GlobalData suggested that brands highlight their stance on equality issues. 

Bvlgari wants to tap into China’s male fragrances market

The market is projected to surge at a 10% compound annual growth rate between 2023 and 2027. 

adidas’ Greater China market posts revenue decline

Its revenue from the market dropped by 36% in 2022.