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Women expect ‘lifestyle-centric’ menstrual products

This pushes brands to highlight comfort and health in menstrual care.

Women expect ‘lifestyle-centric’ menstrual products

This pushes brands to highlight comfort and health in menstrual care.

How enhanced customisation pushed brands' sales growth

Starbucks and Samsung used the strategy to increase sales.

Millennials are more likely to engage with brands for product changes

55% would want to influence product innovation, Euromonitor found. 

Consumers demand diversity, inclusivity: report

They are buying from brands that support their values.

Consumers give more weight to emotional benefits in purchases: report

Businesses should provide alternative payment methods to capture these consumers.

Here’s why 57% of consumers deleted apps in 2022

Consumers are done with mindlessly browsing for hours.

Nearly 60% prefer humans over robots for customer service

Only 19% were comfortable talking to an automated bot.

Businesses should cater to consumers who seek work-life balance

Around 53% of consumers put a strict boundary between work or school and personal life.

Around 2 in 5 consumers expect in-person everyday activities: report

Brands should improve their operations to attract these customers.

Three in four shoppers tighten budgets amidst higher prices

Consumers will likely switch to e-commerce for better and cheaper deals.

Over 40% of consumers are not willing to pay extra for green products

This challenges retailers to close the prices of sustainable products to conventional brands.

In-game sales could climb by 23% in 2024: report

This comes as more consumers play immersive video games online.

Six in 10 consumers in East Asia worry about climate change

Sustainability is a key focus in the region, Euromonitor International.

East Asia makes up over 80% of Asia’s retail sales: report

This was in part driven by the e-commerce boom in the region.