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Alibaba is APAC’s top e-commerce player

The top three leading e-commerce firms in the region were from China.

Alibaba is APAC’s top e-commerce player

The top three leading e-commerce firms in the region were from China.

Here are the top 10 fastest-growing APAC retailers

Indonesia’s  GoTo Gojek Tokopedia PT and Singapore’s Sea Ltd. are taking the lead.

Easy and challenging steps to make SG brands ‘world-class’ competitive

Marketing experts advise investing in omnichannel strategies and talent to diversify brands in a global space.

Japan’s games, puzzles market almost double in 2022

Driven by Pokemon, it recorded the fastest growth in Asia.

In a Barbie World: Barbie movie could boost doll sales

The industry is expected to grow 16% in 2026 from 2022 levels.

How childless households will impact milk formula and toys market sales

The milk formula market is seen to drop due to low number of children.

C-beauty brands outperform in China: report

Sales of brands amongst the top 20 brands in colour cosmetics grew to 28% in 2022.  

Beauty and personal products may grow by US$39.3b by 2027

Euromonitor International identified four Asian beauty trends.

Why Athleisure's Pulse is Racing in Southeast Asia

When COVID-19 disrupted our lives a few years ago, consumers swapped their skinny jeans and trouser suits for comfy leggings and joggers and haven’t looked back since. Athleisure has taken the world by storm, and consumers in Southeast Asia love it.

New products, rewards and payment methods could attract budget-conscious consumers

Experts cite brands’ ingenious strategies to draw customers like tapping into their interest in games and virtual reality.

What brands in Vietnam need to know about the new duty-free zone

Da Nang will create a trade complex that includes a duty-free zone.

Out and about, Asia Pacific consumers seek tactile experiences

Retailers need to use their stores for brand storytelling and multifunctional purposes to engage customers.

Gen Zs are becoming China’s biggest spenders

21% of these consumers are ready to spend 16% of their income on luxury.

Supplier collaboration helps identify bottlenecks, address sustainability programmes: Euromonitor

This comes as retailers are equipped with an increasing variety of technologies to cater to changing consumer needs.

Women expect ‘lifestyle-centric’ menstrual products

This pushes brands to highlight comfort and health in menstrual care.

How enhanced customisation pushed brands' sales growth

Starbucks and Samsung used the strategy to increase sales.

E-commerce leverage in-app games to drive consumer spending

Three in 10 people visited e-commerce platforms even if they had nothing to buy.